Feature Films

Development and direction of commercial feature films that not only entertain but also challenge old perspectives and the status quo.


Short Films, Promos and Ads

Development and direction of Short films, tv commercials or online ads. We communicate your product or service to the right audience through passion and original visual language.

Game Cinematics

We help you develop and direct high-end cinematics for your triple AAA game-title. We are specialised in working with the client on pre-visualsing their vision and working on-set with professional actors to direct award winning performances through full-performance motion-capture and voice acting.


Fun filmmaking workshops for groups or individuals. We can tailor this workshop for your specific company needs. From beginner to advanced filmmaking techniques. An ideal team-building day or fun company outing.

Our films


Eric Cochonneau

Working with Jonathan on the cutscenes production for Killzone was truly an amazing and gratifying experience. I will never be grateful enough for the degree of freedom and trust that he gave me on this part of the project.
His ability to listen, communicate his vision, and help to stay focused was a real motivation to deliver the best quality I could on time.
I would jump without hesitation on any opportunity to work with him again!

Teresa Hulst

Jonathan has a natural artistic ability with an instinct for what works and what doesn’t. He is open and flexible within the confines of the media he is working with and is always available to hear your ideas. Hence, working with him is easy, hassle-free and fun, which makes bouncing ideas back and forth enjoyable as well as productive in finalizing the project. He has a keen eye, a relaxed manner and extremely professional in all situations. I highly recommend Jonathan for any artistic project, especially if image driven and in particular Film Direction.