Soulfood Films
"Tell emotive stories that entertain, delight and change perspectives"

Soulfood Films was founded in 2014 to create great stories in film and new media in new and original ways. By looking at the great personal stories of our clients we try to capture their passion and essence for their product or service and translate that through our own passion for visual language. The process of creating film and ad campaigns is often a very complicated process with lots of people and ideas involved. But if the essence of the story is clear for all involved and a common passion is being shared, then both parties can fully focus on unlocking the highest creative potential. We believe that this kind of creativity and passion can be felt by an audience and can truly make the difference between “just selling a product” or “being the passionate representative” for a product.

Soulfood Films produces and directs films, documentaries, ads and music videos. We specialise in creatively consulting and directing performances for game cinematics for triple AAA game titles. From guiding the creative vision into the storyboard process, to the direction of the 3d animatics and all the way to the direction of complex and performance driven motion capture shoots.

Previous clients include: